December 2017, News

View our December Table Talk. Any of our Table Talk newsletters may be viewed by clicking on the "Table Talk" label on the left, selecting 2017 and December, or any other month, and a mouse click. See also, our Special Events Calendar

STaC Week is December 4 - 10. Many masterpoints are available. We have STaC games Monday-Thursday. Check our Special Events Calendar for dates and times.

There are Mini-McKenney Races reaching the end of the year. The Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney races for our Unit 500 are always hotly contested. They will be updated to include November results approximately December 6, 2017. The Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney races for District 21 are available too. The final December update will be early in January and usually stays for several months and has several updates. How do you stack up?

Redwood Bridge Club's Monday Game, New Starting time is 11:30AM. Terry Terzian recently wrote, "As I think all of you know, effective this coming Monday, 11/6/2017, Monday game time will be 11:30 AM with my lesson at 11:15 AM." Terry is moving the starting time 1/2 hour earlier than previously scheduled. 

It's never too early to reserve your place at the Unit 500 Holiday Party on Sunday, December 10, 2017 at the Marina Community Center in San Leandro. Contact Terry Terzian (Email, Phone: 510-581-4424 ) or Charlie Conrad (Email Phone: 510-733-5311) to reserve your spot.

The Hayward 500 Bridge Club in Hayward increased its masterpoint limit from 500 to 750 recently. More of you can now play in that game.

Unit 500 Facebook Page

See goings-on in our Unit 500 Facebook Page

We have an ACBL Unit 500 Facebook Page. This means you can see the latest photos around our Unit and leave comments or suggestions. If you want to stay current, visit our Facebook Page and click "Like". That will cause the monthly and weekly posts to show up in your Facebook Feed. If you have news or a comment about something in our unit, please "Write Something" on our FaceBook Page. Photos are appreciated. Clicking on "Like" is the equivalent of "friending" the page, our posts will show up in your Facebook Feed. Here's a Facebook Tip for you: If for some reason you don't want to see posts from a Facebook Friend, but don't want to unfriend them, just click on the down-arrow to the right of their latest post and click Unfollow "name-of-friend". You will continue to be their friend but will no longer have to see their posts in your feed. You can still go to their Facebook Page and catch up, since you're their friend. If you change your mind just click "Liked", then click "Unlike". And the posts start up again.

Unit 500 Smoking Policy

As part of its non-smoking policy, Unit 500 of the ACBL does not allow the use of electronic cigarettes or tobacco products of any kind in the clubs of this unit.

Join Our Google Group

Unit 500 Members, please join our Google Group! 
This is a great forum to find out who needs partners, get updated on happenings in the unit and generally stay up to date. It won't work unless you register. Please view the instructions and consider registering. Google Group Members will get automatically notified when Table Talk is published and is available for download.

More Information

See our Unit 500 Mini-McKenney or Ace of Clubs race, to see how you compare with others in our unit.

There are Sectional Tournaments at Clubs (STaC Games) three times a year in May, August and December. If you play in these games, please check the web site to see how you "stack up" with all the other hundreds of people who played. The exact dates can be found on the ACBL Web Site STaC Calendar and they will be advertised on this web site when it's time.

Did you notice our District 21, 1,000+ Master Point list... and are you on it? How about our Unit 500 annual master point list? These can both be reached by clicking on the "Master Points List", under District 21 on the right side of the our Unit 500 home page. 

To see special events (i.e. higher rated games that pay more master points) please see the above "Upcoming Special Events", "Upcoming Unit Games" or our Special Event "Calendar". 

All duplicate clubs in Unit 500 have sanctioned ACBL games with links to on-line game results. 

About Unit 500

Unit 500 is part of the ACBL (the American Contract Bridge League) and represents Southern Alameda County. Unit 500 is also within District 21 (Northern California, U.S.A) of the ACBL. District 21 is part of the Western Conference (Districts 17, 21 and 22), the publisher of the monthly Forum newletter. Southern Alameda County has ACBL duplicate bridge club games, a South County Sectional in August, local Unit tournaments and many special events. There are nearby Sectional and Regional tournaments too (click on "Tournaments"). There are local duplicate games ("Bridge Clubs" menu) for players of all abilities from novice to expert, and bridge lessons "Learn" menu).

To inquire further about Unit 500, please email President, Charlie Conrad.